Saturday, 12 September 2009

Of moles and men

You know, the simple things in life usually give me more pleasure than the difficult and complex job that I have, trying to build a new community here in lovely wee Auchterness despite all the grumblers and naysayers who work for our partners - or steakholders, as we are required to call them these days. Honestly if I see another vision statement I'll scream out loud!

As some of you might know, I like a game of bowls and just a few miles from Auchterness we have a wee club - that's its picture above, with Charlie our chauffeur doing a left handed effort which probably ended up nowhere as usual. There are some older women at the club too but thankfully they get to play on different nights from us so we don't have to look at them! Anyway I went down to the club the other night to find that moles had been under the green and had basically wrecked the whole place. Now I'm all for biodiversity but this is ridiculous. Thankfully it's getting close to the end of the season so maybe a few lumps don't matter. Some of the guys are putting out traps so that we can put an end to this animal vandalism. There are plenty of bureaucrats - and planners - who should suffer a similar fate!

As autumn approaches, my mind turns to my lovely wife and her young lover. I wonder how they would feel if they woke up one morning to find themselves in a big metal trap. Maybe then people would laugh at them instead of me.

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