Thursday, 23 December 2010

It's a load of rubbish for Newton Mearns!

a typical view of a Lifetime Recycling Village
You know, it was gratifying to read of the impending battle between the middle class snobs of Newton Mearns south of Glasgow and Lifetime Recycling Village Ltd, a company which aims to process some 1.5 million tonnes of commercial and industrial rubbish at a former farm just off the M77 south of the dreamy slum suburb. The company claims that the rubbish dump will have the capacity to generate enough electricity to power 100,000 homes.

This is fantastic news and yet another example of how Scotland is moving forward towards increasing self sufficiency in energy production. But it's also a typical class battle in which a small section of nimbyish middle class folk try to deny the rest of Scotland the opportunity to recycle waste and produce power from it. Apart from those living in a huge council estate there which is at the hub of the community, it won't have dawned on the other good folk of Newton Mearns, who heat their SUVs in the garage at night and who have special fridges for their white wine, that their actions are undermining the whole concept of a Smart Sustainable and Successful Scotland - it makes me sick. . They are also blind and deaf to the wildlife opportunities of the tip and the potential for new habitat creation which can attract a range of new environments for seagulls and a host of cuddly small animals which make their homes in the rubbish.

I wonder if it has occurred to the owners of the Lifetime Recycling Village (a very good combination of three key buzzwords by the way) that these good folk can easily be bought off. You only need to read my article on the monetisation of planning to realise that this is ideal territory to hand out Waitrose vouchers, memberships of exclusive wine clubs, nail bars and other desirable personal services. Opposition to the proposal could collapse overnight because all these folk care about is money - especially property values.

You see, the other side of a Smart Successful and Sustainable Scotland is a Self-interested, Short-sighted and Selfish Scotland. Let battle commence!


Anonymous said...

Your ignorance astounds me! I am a working class single mum struggling to make ends meet, how dare you!!! As a Newton Mearns resident I take exception to your blinkered tabloid view of life here. We have a huge council estate here which is at the hub of our community, I cannot afford to run a car, never mind a SUV! Where do you get your facts from? You obviously would prefer this plant to be on your doorstep,as property values are not of concern to you. I on the other hand am concerned about the environment and the hard earned cash that I have put into my house for the benefit of my children.

Dave Thompson said...

Hello Anonymous and thank you for contributing to the debate. I'm really sorry to have upset you - especially on Christmas Day - so please accept my apologies.

I'll make some amendments to the post to deal with the issues you raise, particularly about the big scheme.

Thanks again for dropping by and sorry again for angering you.

With every best wish
Dave T

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Many thanks for bringing this development to my attention. Serves the smug Newton Meanies right! All that "oor hoose has trebled in value over the last 10 years" keech! Well, they will nae be saying that noo. Get it right up 'em. Oh, and happy holidays all. Yours, Aye etc.

Dave Thompson said...

Hello again Anonymous
Thanks for stepping aboard. You've put your cards on the table - I like that! Let's see how the conversation develops - I'm sure we can join up the dots and go for the low hanging fruit on this one.
With every seasonal wish - Dave T

Anonymous said...

Dave, you are truly ignorant. As a resident of Newton Mearns, I have neither an SUV, a wine fridge, nor a heated garage. Furthermore, I don't know anyone in the neighbourhood that has any of these things. If, as I presume, you do not live in Newton Mearns, then you have no right whatsoever to comment on the suitability or otherwise of Newton Mearns to be host to a 1.5 million tonnes-per-annum industrial waste processing plant. Tell you what. Why don't you post your home postcode on your blog, and I'll get the good folks of the "Lifetime Recycling Village" to relocate their plant next door to your house. OK?

Anonymous said...

I agree with a previous poster. Amazing ignorance. I don't have an SUV, a garage, heated wine cellar etc etc. Just a normal married man trying to provide for my family and I happen to live in Newton Mearns. You're quite happy to rip into middle class people in Newton Mearns. I'll look forward to you similarly ripping into the upper classes, working classes, unemployed etc of other areas! Amazing prejudice. Open your eyes and stop believing everything you read in the Daily Mail.

Dave Thompson said...

Dear Anonymous(s)

Thanks for commenting and joining in the debate. I'm sorry if you are offended by my views and I hope you manage to fight off this development if that is what you want to do.

Best wishes
Dave T

Anonymous said...

Dave, to be perfectly honest with you - I agree with many of the other comments you have received to your ignorant view of Newton Mearns. Clearly you are a man who lives off the views of others and have no real-life experience to back-up your views. Perhaps you should have a read of the following and then decide if this is something you would like to have housed less then 2 miles away from your front door!!! If so, we can happily contact ERC and suggest they contact LRV and get them to review their plans:
- 1 x 4,600 sq m plasma plant with a 65 m (200 feet) chimney
- 3 x 16,400 renewable biomass EfW plant buildings – 30 m high with a total of 12 (yes, 12) 65 m chimneys (in total this part of the facility alone would be half the size of Silverburn Shopping Centre !)
- 1 x 9,500 sq m fuel and preparation plant
- 1 x 2,700 sq m plasma hall
- 3 x 3,600 sq m material to product buildings (glass, plastics, biodiesel)
- 1 x 7,600 sq m visitor centre/recreational centre/offices/canteen
- 1 x multi-storey car park with 440 spaces
- 720 sq m civic amenity units and shops (!)
- 2 x lorry parks with space for 15 ‘large lorries’ each
- 1 x 1,200 sq m electricity sub-station
- 2 x underground process effluent storage tanks – 5,400 sq m (sic) each
- 1,500 sq m (sic) of bulk water storage tanks

It is also noted on this page that the “site will be open to both trade and public and will be operational 24 hours a day.

Overall, this will result in a lorry passing through every 3mins, 24/7.

Yes, I'm sure this will present a significant addition to any area; regardless of status (as you seem to think!!!)


Dave Thompson said...

Dear JB

Thank you very much for your detailed contribution to the debate. What you describe sounds exciting and interesting - like something from a J G Ballard novel perhaps. I completely appreciate that it won't be to everyone's taste but personally I would be thrilled to live near such a cutting edge and sustainable development.

With every best wish

Dave T

Mike said...

Oh dear, whatever we are in Newton Mearns, we're clearly gullible. Everyone so far has taken a huge bite of the fish being dangled by Mr Thompson!!

Anonymous said...

What everyone fails to mention is if this does go ahead it will affect more area's than just Newton Mearns , depending on the wind direction , the whole of the south side of Glasgow should be very concerned about this proposal as it will affect each and every area , no matter what class system they belong to. They can also call it what they like , it's still an Incinerator and would become the biggest in Europe if given the go ahead.


Anonymous said...

I think that the LTRV concept is fantastic and also being located in Newton Mearns demonstrates that there is environmental justice. Newton Mearns has more than its fair share of the nations bounty and this excellent carbon saving project proves that the residents are not just self centered NIMBYS but that they care for the rest of us and are prepared to do their part to help save the planet.