Sunday, 22 February 2009

Scottish Planners are so great!

I was delighted to receive my own personal copy of the Scottish Planner yesterday. Guess what - it's in colour! Looks great doesn't it? Fantastic!

Sponsored by Halcrow and Biggart Baillie it's a great looking magazine and quite honestly I haven't been able to put it down. You know Halcrow are one of the best firms around the Scottish consultancy scene - they have some clever people working there with a big reputation for producing exactly what the client wants. They also do very big reports and I've always been impressed by the number of attractive fold out plans they have - that's because I'm a very visual person. Anyway, full marks to them for sponsoring this and turning the magazine into a genuine work of art.

Looking at the back cover had my mouth watering at the glittering display of talent in the Directory of Consultants. Fantastic companies like Keppie with their outstanding history really make me want to leave Auchterness immediately and head for the big city where fortune doubtless awaits. Who knows - they might read this and offer me a top job straight away!

But Roger Tym and Partners with their motto 'moving forward in new ways...' really got me excited. Just like the Institute's motto 'making of place - meditation of space', it reminds me of the days when my wife and I used to watch Star Trek and the adventures of Captain James T Kirk. Sadly these days have gone but hopefully there will soon be new frontiers for me to explore.

By the way, there's been no word so far from the Sheikh of Ascot about taking me on as his personal planning consultant or from Natasha about her placement. I'm a little cast down about this but you know, life goes on even if the things we most look forward to don't always work out.