Thursday, 23 April 2009

Society in chaos

I'm completely appalled by this video link that was sent to me the other day. It is absolutely disgraceful and shows the total lack of respect that young people have today for the environment and people living in it. As a town planner, I'm quite comfortable with 'edgy' things like cappuccinos and the hooded culture - some of my best friends have parking convictions and I have even driven at over 45 mph on the road to Aberdeen. So you see I'm quite an easy going person. But there is a limit and this guy has far exceeded it by terrifying pedestrians, damaging railings, pulling up road signs and leaping off walls. He seems to behave without regard even for his own life.

I urge you to write to YouTube today to get this video removed, asking them to stop publicising this vandalistic and self-harming nonsense. Thanks! I'll be back when I've calmed down.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Personal attacks but some progress

You know sometimes I think I should just shut up. Since I started featuring some of the disgusting graffiti that pollutes our lovely wee Auchterness, some people have started a campaign of personal abuse against me. This is a photo I took of the executive bathroom the other week - someone with the keys to the toilet must have done this and I think I know who it is. It just goes to show that having a clean mind and respect for property counts for nothing these days. I've written to the Institute down in London about this but they won't do anything of course - they never do unless someone threatens to take away their company cars or some other perk that they shouldn't have anyway. I will continue to expose these unprofessional practices and one day I will catch the perpetrator of these deeds redhanded!

On other fronts there is nothing much to report. There is absolutely no evidence of recession here in beautiful Auchterness and life goes on at a cracking pace. We've let a tender for the repainting of the public toilet and it looks as though we are going to get a new bus stop at the end of the access road to the town - that will mean a walk of about two miles but this will encourage people to leave their cars at home. But the big news is that we've been told to expect a visit from Royalty fairly soon - I think this may be to do with me appearing in the New Year Honours but I may be wrong. We will see. I would love to meet Charlie - but Camilla will do, even if as Mohammed Al-Fayed said, she looks like a crocodile.

None of my job applications has come to anything - I think this is just a temporary hitch and the offers will flood in soon. I do feel a little bit left on the shelf though - along with all the consultants' reports that I've commissioned that are gathering dust waiting on the local council to say if they like them or not. Still even my hero Donald Trump has his off days! He is a constant source of inspiration to me. Donald and his lovely young wife can visit me any time - we'll have a nice we cup of tea and talk about his Scottish roots in the Hebrides.

Hope to write more soon when the good news starts arriving!