Monday, 2 September 2013

Union Terrace Gardens - it just got better!

The fantastic new plans for Union Terrace Gardens
The fantastic new plans for Union Terrace Gardens
You know, I could scarcely drive home in a straight line today after I heard the ground-shattering news that the Union Terrace Gardens project had taken off again and that Sir Ian Wood - one of my great heroes - was poised to invest his £50 million pot of gold in the Silver City's Diamond Heart!  Fantastic!  People across the political divide are talking about 'Transformational Change' - a phrase that's straight out of the expert planner's handbook in case you didn't know.  We use it at Auchterness every day!
The imperious Sir Ian Wood - yes Aberdeen is his
The imperious Sir Ian Wood - yes Aberdeen is his!

I watched the video on the STV News website.  It was breathtaking.  Not only do we have a plan and political support but Sir Ian Wood actually appears on the video together with John Halliday of Halliday Fraser Munro.
Sir John Halliday of Halliday Fraser Munro - one of the top architects in the world
Sir John Halliday of Halliday Fraser Munro - one of the top architects in the world

He is acknowledged to be Scotland's leading architect and is sought after across the world for his cutting edge designs and his willingness to bend right over the drawing board to satisfy developers and their commercial requirements!  Rather like Keppies who are another favourite of mine!  I'll tell you this - when I saw him in the flesh on video I was completely overcome!  When I saw the colossus that is Sir Ian Wood actually moving close to the Gardens I almost passed out!  The staff here at Auchterness had to help me to my car - the tears were gushing like a tap with a burst washer.

It's so frustrating being a spectator on these world shaking events. I know that I am no more than a plook on John Halliday's backside (if you pardon my French) but I'm sure I can help to make this happen.  Sir John talked today about grasping the nettle - you know, he was talking about the current state of the gardens wasn't he?  A wilderness of weeds, sheep-shaggers, single parents and the few unemployed to be found in the dynamo of the Scottish economy which is Aberdeen. Last time I was there I saw a woman pushing a pram with a dog in it - I'm sorry but yes it is as bad as that. So the sooner Transformational Change comes the better it will be for everyone.

I am confident that this excellent project will proceed unmolested and my hearty congratulations go out to everyone involved.  It is really Scotland's project and should be accorded the highest priority.

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Lance Black said...

Union Terrace Gardens is the ideal site for a much needed incinerator. Aberdeen is strewn with garbage and with the downturn in the oil industry all the city's rubbish could be dumped in this futile hole (UTG) and then burned in the new chimney stack. The energy produced by the incinerator could be used to heat Aberdeen City Council's understated and modest offices at Marischal College.
The huge metal tower of the new incinerator would be a fabulous new tourist attraction, a prestigious local monument in the style of The Gherkin in London. We could call it The Cock of the North. It would certainly be "smokin' hot!" as the young folks say! So, lets delay no more: let's clean up Aberdeen and get this erection built!