Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Union Terrace Gardens are go!

the fantastic scheme for Union Terrace Gardens
Well didn't I tell you so? Clever people with money and power have won the day while has-beens like Annie Lennox can go back to their alternative lifestyles or tax havens as appropriate. The great unwashed of Aberdeen and its surrounding bogs and mire can return defeated to their black houses, railway carriage homes and but'n' bens on forsaken hillsides while sensible people celebrate and drink themselves unconscious in the fine bars of Aberdeen tonight. The news is explained here for people who can read.

It's a great day for Aberdeen, for Scotland and for the art and science of town planning - no less than that. You see, when very rich people get involved in regeneration it always ends well - just look at Glasgow Harbour or Edinburgh Waterfront. This time we have seen an alliance of the north east's finest brains like Sir Ian Wood and that lovable rogue of the mass produced housing for the plebs, Stewart Milne who also supports Aberdeen Football Club, one of the most successful teams in the Scottish Premier League this year! It's all just too much. I can scarcely believe how lucky we are to have such fine people involved in planning the future of this great city. And with my hero Donald Trump just up the road, you can see that no other part of Scotland is so blessed.

As for the Peacock Arts Centre, I hope they are out of the game now - thank goodness. Aberdeen has no time for their arty tosh and weird sandal wearing lifestyles. Goodbye losers! That's all I will say for now - I am staying over in Inverness tonight and this wi-fi is costing me a fortune but I will still go out to celebrate the fact that all this was done despite the public. Soon they will appreciate this fabulous and generous initiative. Hurrah for Sir Ian! Hurrah for Stewart Milne!