Thursday, 23 April 2009

Society in chaos

I'm completely appalled by this video link that was sent to me the other day. It is absolutely disgraceful and shows the total lack of respect that young people have today for the environment and people living in it. As a town planner, I'm quite comfortable with 'edgy' things like cappuccinos and the hooded culture - some of my best friends have parking convictions and I have even driven at over 45 mph on the road to Aberdeen. So you see I'm quite an easy going person. But there is a limit and this guy has far exceeded it by terrifying pedestrians, damaging railings, pulling up road signs and leaping off walls. He seems to behave without regard even for his own life.

I urge you to write to YouTube today to get this video removed, asking them to stop publicising this vandalistic and self-harming nonsense. Thanks! I'll be back when I've calmed down.


Anonymous said...

Yo Dave, chill, man, yeah? Howzabout some unnerstanding for where it's at for the yoof in 2009 - ain't got no identity, ain't got no future; all this guy'z got is his wheels and his post modern you ain't even GOT a hoodie, so stay away, man; I say, respect for this dude and his way of engaging with the urban scene - take it to the limit, cool squirrel!!!!

stargazer12 said...

Hi Dave

just as well there was no YouTube on the night in Perth when I went over the handlebars of my ten speed canary yellow ladies racing bike and landed in the gutter, covered in kippers (which were intended for my tea the next day) after a night out with my Higher English students from the local college.