Sunday, 27 September 2009

Thank you Frankie and Benny!

Well I'm back in my wee house now and feeling a little bit flat to say the least. I picked up the wee boy yesterday and we went down to Frankie & Benny's at Perth's St Catherine's Leisure Park - quite a long drive. It was a bit up market and we might have been better in the ever-wonderful KFC but there you go. But Frankie's is such a good looking place and I felt very much at home there. It cheered me up for a wee while and the waitresses were magnificent. Well done to them and thank you Frankie and Benny!

I wasn't at my best though and to be honest I was consumed with anger and jealousy at the thought of my lovely wife and her young lover enjoying the pleasures of the flesh while I was away with my boy.

But apart from having the dry boke for much of the day, I was able to see some positives in Perth's wee retail park. It's not great but the essentials are there - plenty of car parking and some great buildings - especially Halfords. Good enough for the people of Perth - most of whom are English anyway.

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