Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Fantastic Eurocentral!

You know, I could kick myself. I was down in Lanarkshire last week as you know and managed to have a quick peek at what must be one of Scotland's premier developments - the Bellshill Hilton. Guess what - I didn't use the opportunity to go and visit Keppie's big business park at Eurocentral near Holytown and Mossend just a short distance away! I used to go out with a lovely young maiden from Holytown but that's another matter. Keppies are one of Scotland's leading firms when it comes to building prestige developments on greenfield sites and really one of the intellectual powerhouses in the field. Certainly one of my favourite consultancies as you know.

Well they've really hit the nail on the head this time. I gather that this is a magnificent piece of work and the drawings look just great - wee Alex Salmond himself said he was "delighted". What a terrific honour and a real shot in the arm for the guys that put this together. Did you know for example that most of the people who will work there can drive there because there is plentiful car parking and easy access from the M8? That's one in the eye for the public transport lobby, crying into their sandals as usual. And the landscaping is truly luscious - a veritable green paradise of golf courses and ponds where wildlife can be communed with. Biodiversity is increasingly important in our complicated world so that's another box ticked. Also according to the Keppie press release there are over 27 football pitches on the site and 756,000 sq ft of grade 'A' office space - quite an achievement to get the buildings listed as Category A so early in their lives. Really I must make a special trip down there to visit this magnificent place - a Versailles for Central Scotland.

Yes this must qualify as one of my top developments of the year alongside the Bellshill Hilton, the Tesco at Port Glasgow and possibly the new Asda at Ardrossan which was built with the generous assistance of Clydeport who donated the land. They are also one of my heroes due to their world famous and excellent development at Glasgow Harbour. Really we are very lucky to be surrounded by such great projects and I feel slightly jealous that we haven't managed to achieve this at my wee Auchterness - so far.

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