Friday, 25 September 2009

More attacks on my hero

You know, sometimes I think Scotland is a horrible wee country. Look at the terrible things that people have done to statues across the land, trying to besmirch the good reputation of my hero Donald Trump. This is the work of the Menie Liberation Army, a bunch of sandal wearing nincompoops who are trying to halt progress on Donald's groundbreaking development just north of Aberdeen - and in the most childish manner possible. I'm confident that this will not help their case at all and that Donald will be triumphant! Businessman extraordinaire, developer, successful with younger woman, rich beyond measure and a genius - how good can one life get! Oh yes and 100% Scottish.

Anyway, this is the September weekend in many parts of Scotland and I'm going to see my young son for the first time in many months. As you probably realise, he lives with his mother - my lovely wife - and her young lover. I can't divulge details as I value his privacy, but I do wish he would stop calling me Grandad. It just isn't fair and I'm worried that they are poisoning my relationship with him. It's very upsetting but we will rise above it - maybe I will take him to a nice retail park somewhere - who knows.

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Tim R said...

Donald would rise above this petty behaviour, and I'm glad to see you're doing the same thing Dave. Move on and up.

Enjoy your September weekend. Eat, drink and make merry!