Saturday, 19 September 2009

Three cheers for the Bellshill Hilton

At last! Yesterday I was down in Lanarkshire visiting an old friend who is having some woman troubles - well I couldn't help him much - but I couldn't resist the opportunity to visit one of Scotland's premier developments. I've talked about it before briefly but seeing it in the flesh exceeded all my expectations! Truly the Bellshill Hilton is a stunning piece of work so I got out my pencil and notepad and gave it 9/10 with three gold stars and a big tick. Really - it is breathtaking. I don't know for sure but I'm assuming that this is the work of Keppies, Archial or perhaps Cooper Cromar - it's certainly too good to be the work of Donald Trump's supine architect Gareth Hopkins or Park Page (the comedians responsible for the Lighthouse).

As soon as you arrive in the car park you know you are somewhere special - as you can see above, there are fountains, ponds and luscious landscaping. It reminded me of the Tivoli Gardens near Rome - but better! Inside there is a wonderful lobby (see below) that is so modern yet seems to embody the timeless upper class values that attract posh people and business folk.

Yes I know - I scanned that picture from the brochure - but they don't allow photographs to be taken inside for obvious security reasons. Upstairs in the bedrooms it's also rather impressive and I would love to stay there sometime. The bedroom facilities include an AM/FM Alarm Clock, a desk with lamp and a TV Remote Control. You can see the complete class of the interior design not to mention that lovely Bellshill lass making the bed - she can plump up my pillows anytime.

Anyway I disgress. As you can see I'm full of praise for this outstanding example of what the Scottish property development market can produce - even with the interference of council planners - but there is one cloud on my horizon. Even at the basic rate of £69 per night, it's really for toffs. I doubt if I will ever afford to stay there. Still it won't stop me including it with a huge recommendation in my Top Ten list of Great Scottish Developments at the end of the year.


Mary Fisher said...

Dear Dave, I was lucky enough to stay there last year, just for one night, but it was absolutely amazing! I really hope that you will have the chance to do so as well sometime.

Dave Thompson said...

Thanks Mary - here's hoping my dreams will come true - best wishes from Dave

Tim R said...

Come on Dave - I know you enjoy a cosseted life in Auchterness, but £69 a night is good value by today's standards. Surely a Scottish Enterprise man like yourself could afford it for a night? Treat yourself, you deserve a break!

Dave Thompson said...

Well Tim, I don't know how much you know about regeneration in Scotland these days but we are not SE people here - maybe we used to be but this is a broad partnership with strict budgets. I don't have an expense account so £30 B&B is what Dave T gets. One day things will be different. Thanks for getting in touch again and every best wish - Dave