Monday, 21 September 2009

Great British Architecture

Burns Monument Centre, Kilmarnock - a really great building
I noticed over the weekend that my wee Auchterness blog is being 'followed' by a really excellent site called Bad British Architecture. I had a look at the site and at first I thought it was a scurrilous attack on some of the best new buildings that can be found across the UK. Then I asked around the office and was relieved to find that in the language of the street kids, 'bad' can be good. Don't ask me to explain this but rest assured that you will find some wonderful buildings there by some of Scotland's cleverest architects like Archial - some might call them the thought leaders of the Scottish design and property development industry - see below.

So full marks go to the team behind Bad British Architecture. Have a look for yourself at this great site! By the way, I've returned the compliment and I'm following your blog now. Isn't the internet fantastic?

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