Sunday, 13 September 2009

Auchterness recognised worldwide

Fantastic! Did you know that this wee blog on Auchterness is read by people all over the world? I'll bet you thought nobody read it at all! Anyway I discovered today that the list of far flung places where Auchterness is known and appreciated for its great town planning includes Caracas, Buenos Aires, Ghana, Dubai (of course), Hanoi, Fiji, Brisbane and Vancouver. In Europe alone, my list of fans includes people from Madrid, Bratislava, Mezohegyes, Athens, Cairo and New Dehli. There's a whole lot of places in America like Colorado Springs and Ontario too. Some folk in Australia but they don't matter for now.

Closer to home there are fans in Helmond, Delft and Enschede in Holland - their whole town was flattened by a chemical explosion a few years back so the opportunities for change must be enormous - just give me a call Dutchmen! And bring over some of your tall attractive young ladies while you are at it!

Isn't it great how the world wide web has compressed the world into a smaller piece? I'm on Facebook now and you can find me here - I think that is my public profile. Sign up to be one of my friends - I will be happy to welcome you to the Auchterness community!

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