Thursday, 17 September 2009

A New Scottish Enlightenment

why are the couple on the left so tall - DT
You know, the Scottish Enlightenment was a period in 18th century Scotland characterised by intellectual and scientific accomplishments and in many ways I feel as though I am living through a second Enlightenment now though this is not an easy path.

This week one of my heroes, the Great Donald Trump, has been set upon by the great unwashed over his plans to build a great new development at Menie near Aberdeen. He has persuaded the local Council to use Compulsory Purchase powers to clear away a mess of scrapyards, bothies, caravans and rundown homes that aren't fit to live in so that he can move forward with his great visions for the area.
Also this week, his supine architect Gareth Hopkins (who I wouldn't ever have recommended on the basis that he is completely unknown) has unveiled the details of the latest masterplan. I must admit to being completely underwhelmed by this. I mean where are the great towering buildings of the original vision, the sponsored roundabouts and the retail malls? Where is B&Q and KFC? Well I suppose Donald must have seen this rubbish before it was released to the press so he must have another trick up his sleeve - possibly to fire the architects when it all goes wrong so that he can use a decent firm....or maybe do it himself!

Anyway I'm absolutely sickened that there is another petition doing the rounds trying to get the whole thing stopped. This is the greatest thing ever to happen in that part of the world and thankfully the Council listen to the great ones with the cash like Donald rather than the moaning housewifes, scroungers and ne'er-do-wells who are probably living off the state in some hovel in Torry. The Council has taken a strong lead here in supporting enterprise and private sector development in the face of prolonged attacks from wasters and we know that the money spent in building and running this development will trickle down into the pockets of those who are prepared to step up to the plate now.

Aberdeen - this is your time, your moment in history. Don't waste it!


Tim R said...

Hear hear, Dave. On the button as usual.

It's inspiring to see you're daring to write what everyone thinks, but is too fearful to say. Keep up the good work.

Dave Thompson said...

Thank you Tim Ronaldson! Good to hear from you again - let's fight them on the sand dunes!

Anonymous said...

Very thoughtfull post on enlightenment. It should be very much helpfull

Karim - Mind Power

Dave Thompson said...

Thank you Karim - all the way from India - welcome to my site and I hope for more comments like this. Very encouraging - Dave