Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tribute to a genius

I know I've written a lot recently and some impertinent folk in the office were suggesting today that I had nothing better to do. Ridiculous. As you know I like to think of myself as a man of good taste and judgement (except when it comes to the fairer sex). I was absolutely thrilled to see the BBC website carrying a feature about my favourite all time artist Jack Vettriano! You can read about him here and what a modest down-to-earth sort of guy he is - just like me!

Now apparently Jack is about to unveil a series of paintings he describes as the most difficult project he has undertaken in his 20-year career. He spent nine months in his studio producing 10 paintings inspired by a Clyde-built yacht which is 100 years old on Saturday. That's more than one painting a month - it would take me longer than that to paint a room in my wee house! These paintings are absolutely superb and I will get one for the hall as soon as they arrive in some of the larger branches of Boots.

But I have a bigger plan that's got a lot to do with planning my own wee Auchterness. I'm going to try to commission Jack to paint a gable end next to the public toilets - you know, like they used to do in the slums of Glasgow just to brighten the place up. I think I'm going to choose the painting above. It will really turn the place round and I will be known across the UK as a connoisseur of the arts. Isn't that a great idea?

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