Sunday, 28 October 2007

Another great idea for town planners

planners enjoying a nice bit of CPD
I'm away for the weekend for a bit of CPD - Continuous Professional Development. It's a sort of holiday break that we planners are forced to take every few weeks so that we don't get over-tired with the strain of work.

A friend of mine who works for a Council in England had to do two days CPD in Newcastle. He had saved up for a while and really pissed it all up the wall when he got there. I'm not condoning that sort of behaviour but it really sounded like a great couple of days. He still managed to get the certificate from the people who were running the sessions - after all they don't really care if people turn up or not as long as they get the big bucks from employers. It's a big earner for these training companies and a holiday for us planners - great. So well done - whoever thought this one up is a genius.

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