Sunday, 21 October 2007

Bad behaviour but good plans

It's a few months since my first post back in May and I must admit I keep forgetting how to do this. I'm happy to say that we were very lucky to employ a very attractive young lady called Heather who is good with computers. She's also quite spunky and helps me out with a number of other things too.

Anyway I have to report more bad behaviour in the Single Enterprise Area. One of the sailors off one of the Russian trawlers had given Heather's brother a poster of an American Pop Star and he put this up temporarily in the window of the church hall. The minister was pleased and said it gave the impression that we actually lived in the 21st Century and knew what was going on. We were horrified to find that it had been defaced only a few days later. The local police constable is trying to find out who did this terrible thing. You can see below how bad it is.

We have just finished sketching out new plans for the area between the old harbour and the public toilets. We have obtained the services of a well known volume housebuilder who has agreed to build 60 new homes if we provide a new road connection between Auchterness and the main road. This is great news. The housebuilders will do this at no cost to us - we just have to give them the land! Amazing! We will be able to tell of great progress in our Annual Report this year. I cycled up the road this afternoon to get the planning application forms and I might be able to fill these in tonight after I have my tea and just before River City comes on. We can get them approved tomorrow.

It's a great time to work in town planning. The intellectual input, the great care and thought that goes into every proposal and the generous nature of everyone who works in the development industry make me feel proud to be a member of the Institute.

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