Monday, 22 October 2007

One of my proudest moments

I have no idea how many of you know this (well news travels fast in the outback - ha ha only joking) but I was interviewed by Building in Scotland magazine the other day. For those of you from other lands, Building in Scotland is a lovely wee magazine that comes out every now and again. It always has a really nice cover and is printed on shiny paper. Very posh!

I was featured in the "Interview with..." section. Here is a little preview of some of the questions and answers:

David Thompson is Secretary of one of the UK's leading regeneration companies and is responsible for the planning and construction of Auchterness. He spoke to Emma Smith about his career achievements.

BiS: Tell me about you - your background, qualifications and why you went into this job?
DT: Well, I was brought up in a lovely wee house in Lenzie with two brothers and a dog. They always picked on me and one day they even tied me to the school railings - ha ha. I am a qualified town planner and I got my degree at Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee. It was there that I realised I was on a planning course instead of the fabric design course I thought I had enrolled in. I joined Auchterness by accident too - I was on a CPD trip here and never left.
BiS: What's been the proudest moment - personal and professional?
DT: My first date with a girl was quite important to me personally as most of my school pals thought I was one of them - if you know what I mean. Professionally I think this interview is the pinnacle of my career. It's great to be recognised as a significant mover and shaker - I can't wait to see it in print.
BiS: Who would be your ideal dinner guests?
DT: Well first of all my wife who actually left me some years ago. Then I think Richard Branson who is a total rocker by the way, wee Heather from the village who helps out around the office, Betty one of the Arriva bus drivers. I would like to invite Jennifer Aniston too. I think she and my wife would get on really well.

So it sounds pretty interesting I think. My career is going to rocket after this and I may be head-hunted by other organisations. I'll let you know.

Meanwhile I'm going to sign off with one of these disgraceful and disrespectful pieces of vandalism - this time on our own building. We have announced a reward for information leading to the conviction of this person.

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