Sunday, 21 October 2007

An apology - I was drunk

I'm absolutely horrified to read my last post and I feel that I must prostrate myself before you all. I think the pressure to make a success of this job just became too much and losing the Draft Annual Report was the last straw. A lot of people think town planners don't take their jobs seriously and spend large proportions of their days in the toilet reading the Daily Record or going on shopping trips to nearby towns and claiming the car mileage back. Well that doesn't happen here - in any case, the office only gets the Sun. There is a prevailing atmosphere of disrespect for what we do with our partners in the development industry - just look at this latest outrage below.

Do these people not realise that our intentions are fair and honourable? This is the site adjacent to the successful public toilet pump priming development that was opened during the summer - we had to fence it off to make it look less like a picturesque field with sheep grazing in it.

Anyway look, I'm really sorry about the last post - I would delete it if I knew how to. Apologies to all the people I might have offended - the English, arty folk, photographers, pigs and any other person or thing that was disappointed by my drunken ramble.

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