Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Happy and proud to be a town planner

A very exciting thing happened today. At our monthly community workshop, the local children produced some new ideas for the future of the town. The kids used a bit of old concrete wall down at the ferry terminal to sketch out their ideas. It wasn't long before this was vandalised of course and you can see the result above. Actually I think one of the kids did this when we weren't looking but I'm not sure.

Anyway you can see a lot of great things here - a big red telephone kiosk that tapers towards it's base - great idea! Two multistorey blocks of flats just like Le Corbusier used to do - fantastic! The church is something that nobody around here has thought about - but we will see! You know, with all the worries about the green belt, mobile phones, religion and cycling it's just so appropriate that these kids have dealt with these issues - brought them out into the open for discussion. We couldn't have done much better!

I'm proud to be a town plannner today and happy to serve this vibrant new community.

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