Monday, 5 October 2009

The Cowards of the County

cabbage brose - disgusting
Ridiculous, absurd and treacherous. As some of you may know, Aberdeenshire Council took the coward's way out last week and delayed a decision on supporting the greatest development ever to be proposed in that part of the world - the Great Donald Trump's fabulous golf course and residential complex. Instead of approving the Compulsory Purchase Order procedures they choked on their brose and played for more time (looks horrible but that's what the inbred natives of Aberdeenshire eat 3 times a day!). Well the Menie Liberation Army had made up a 15,000 signature petition against the CPO so some of the spineless twerps were probably worried they would lose their seats in the next election. Snouts in the trough - why worry? I tell you, if a member of my family spent day after day writing made-up signatures on a petition I would be outraged.
a Patrick Geddes for our time
Anyway, the point is that this was all part of Donald's plan - of course he wants more time to persuade the gypsies, tinkers, crofters and scrap merchants to sell up, and they will - just watch! But I'm horrified at the treatment that Donald is receiving in the press and to personalise this by mentioning his wonderful hair is almost too much to bear. Donald is a Patrick Geddes for the 21st century but it's typical of this foul-mouthed little country that our own heroes - like Andy Stewart and Billy Connolly - are treated as piranhas and have to face a barrage of abuse because they have visions while the great unwashed sit around watching River City. But that's life - a nation in crisis but nobody cares!

I'd better close now before I say something I shouldn't. I'll be back soon with my latest revelations about the superb Asda development at Ardrossan - breathtaking!


Nemesis said...

Indeed. How could they? Consider what benefits this will bring to the locality. I mean, Trump's pockets will be lined, and those who won't bow to the might of Trump, such as those whose homes he thinks he should be able to raze, should be jolly well ashamed. After all the economic benefits to the area, such as em... lining Trump's pockets? surely outweigh the loss of homes.

They should be thrilled that he has offered to allow them to buy a new house at Trumperytown on Sea, Aberdeensire, at a reduced cost. Ok it's far more than the risible oops sorry wonderful sum he's offering to buy them out for, but hey, the sun will be shining all day and night on this luxury development. The Donald will ensure it. He will personally be hovering large in the sky above, with his Mc(T)rump tartan kilt raised.

Then of course there is the benefit to local councillors, who will no doubt be finding broon envelopes in the post soon, containing information which will ease their consciences about ruining a beautiful area and an SSI.

Those sandal wearing, beardy, Guardian reading tree hugging lefties at will soon be dealt with in the appropriate way by the Maf... sorry, due legal process. How dare they oppose the might of the US dollar and The Donald.

Dave Thompson said...

A wonderful piece of writing - thank you. It's so great to feel understood. Every best wish - Dave

Nemesis said...

Of course, it's, not org.

Naturally, com is short for commie barstewards. Hah.