Saturday, 17 October 2009

Inverurie goes global!

Now you might think that Inverurie is one of these dull Aberdeenshire towns where the residents are mostly inbred and have a limited vocabulary. In other words, a dump or as they might say there, a midden. Well that was once true but let me tell you that the town is really going places now! Yes, Inverurie has deepened its gene pool, burst open the green belt and let retail loose on the once green fields of Oldmeldrum Road - some people living there even speak English instead of grunting!

Although there is a glittering representation of top quality companies on display including Lidl, Argos and Homebase the real star in the heaven of the Inverurie Retail Park is Halfords. Unbelievable that such a quality store should come to such a backward area and completely reverse its fortunes but there you are - the magic world of Scottish property development is full of surprises. And it looks as though the very-much-in-love couple in the photo below are really thrilled too.

As you can see from the picture at the top of the page though, Tesco is just across the railway line from Halfords. This means of course that Inverurie town centre is now completely derelict - at least in terms of proper shops - although there will always be the coffee shops, candle and card shops run and frequented by frustrated middle class housewives that we've come to expect in second rate towns and villages like this - but they will be cleared out eventually.

So congratulations to Halfords, Inverurie Retail Park and those Masters of Gyproc, Stewart Milne Construction for this far sighted development which has completely turned the town around.


Nemesis said...

And just wait until Aberdeenshire gets Trump! Buy now before you can't afford it, folks.

Dave Thompson said...

It would be possible to live on Donald's golf course and shop in Inverurie - so there is sort of regional strategy at work here - clever. Dave T

Tim R said...

Hey Dave, far from me to be critical - but I feel you're only telling half the story here. If Inverurie town centre is suffering, surely that's where us planners can step in and sort it out? So it's not a problem. It's an opportunity. Stenhousemuir meets Inverurie!

Dave Thompson said...

Hello Tim R and thanks for commenting. Well I think it has been sorted now thanks to this dynamic development - a clever bit of work - but of course I'm sure planners were involved in giving this permission - so they have helped. With every best wish - Dave