Monday, 5 October 2009

Asda Ardrossan - as good as the sausages!

You know, I've always liked Asda's sausages - almost as much as that handsome young maiden who used to slap her back pocket in the old advertisements for the store. I always try to shop in Asda whenever I see one and the new Asda in the beautiful Costa Clyde town of Ardrossan is breathtaking. I have never heard of WCEC Architects but if Asda let them loose on this one, they must be completely top notch indeed - rivalling the thought leaders in the field like Archial.

It's a beautiful piece of work and it really suits the nice big green sign above the door that says 'ASDA'. In the picture above, you can see how dilapidated and out of place the surrounding old buildings look - 100% ripe for redevelopment from my side of the fence.

You see, what a scruffy old town centre like Ardrossan needs is a bit of competition - but if it doesn't work out, the guys with the boats in the marina can shop in Asda while the unwashed can shop in the various pound shops nearby. It's just common sense and part of today's exciting retail draw. It's the first and last thing you'll see on arriving or leaving Ardrossan on the ferry and how very 21st century that is! No more grim views of the old harbour and leaking boats - just a brand new marina and the best retail around!

Yes, this is another fine example of Scottish property development. My hearty congratulations to Clydeport for their vision in creating this absolute stunner. Breathtaking! But to finish, here's a picture of my favourite sausages. Great aren't they?


Nemesis said...


Anonymous said...

what a breath of fresh air...have been laughing all morning..

Dave Thompson said...

Thank you both - best wishes, Dave

Anonymous said...

You might be a qualified town planner but you're also a cheap and shoddy thief.
Care to try to justify your illegal use of my aerial image of Ardrossan?
Or should I just serve you with a summons to explain yourself before a Sheriff?

Dave Thompson said...

Dear Anonymous - I'm quite happy to remove it, or credit it to you and link it your site - apologies for upsetting you. Dave T

Anonymous said...

You think I'm going to allow a thief like you to use my images for free? Get serious.
You're lucky you've still got a blog. Mind you, now that you're on the national list of websites to look for thefts on you might not have one for very long.
No wonder the country's in such a state with people like you in charge.