Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter and the Creative Process

My Flymo did it's work
You know, it's been a lovely day here at Auchterness and I've been busy in the garden. I cut the grass for the first time this year and finally got rid of the daffodils that were ruining the look of the front lawn - my trusty Flymo got rid of them in an instant!

I've always felt that destruction was an important part of the creative process. That is why as an Expert Planner I am so against the retention of old buildings and conservation in general.  And when it comes to the natural world, I've spoken before about the great battles that Dr Donald Trump has had with newts, toads, long grass and other pests in his heroically successful creation of God's Golf Course at Menie in Aberdeenshire. 

As most of my fans will know, Menie is just up the road from Aberdeen, the greatest city in Scotland, where so many of my heroes prosper through the sort of creative destruction that has self-righteous and humourless vegetarians crying into their mushroom quiche. 

My current favourites in the City of Light are of course Halliday Fraser Munro who are the go-to architects if you are a developer who wants fantastic quality, mesmerising efficiency and of course, unquestionably top rated reviews in the critical press. I understand that journals such as the Architectural Review, Mark Magazine, Icon and Wallpaper are simply crammed with HFM projects. We can't afford any of these magazines at Auchterness so I can't confirm if this is the case - though I'm sure it is.

You know, everything I hear about HFM is just spellbinding! For example someone in the office was telling me that he had read somewhere - probably in Urban Realm - that John Halliday, the man with the Big Pencil, known throughout the land as Scotland's Le Corbusier and the design genius behind the dazzling work of HFM, discusses his creative process with his housekeeper!  Isn't that amazing?  I'm really so impressed - I can just see Big John asking her to switch off the Hoover while they discuss Union Terrace Gardens or the Union Street Umbrella.  He is truly a man of the people!

Anyway, it's a holiday weekend and I've tried to make this post an easy-read rather than the usual deeply analytical observations about the amazing world of town planning.  I hope you are all having a great time rolling your Easter Eggs!  Have a good week and we'll speak again soon. Cheerybye for now!

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