Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Central Scotland Saved!

The fantastic and gifted Dr Donald Trump
The fantastic and gifted Dr Donald Trump

There is fantastic news for Ayrshire and Central Scotland this week. My hero Dr Donald Trump has bought the derelict golf course and hotel known as Turnberry.

In a statement, Dr Trump said it was "an honour and privilege to own one of golf's greatest and most exciting properties". He has purchased the entire South Ayrshire complex, including the hotel, from Dubai-based group Leisurecorp for an undisclosed sum. He will invest millions of pounds securing thousands of jobs and turning the hotel from little more than a boarding house into a place with the highest levels of luxury. Amazing news!
The derelict hotel at Turnberry will become the Best in Europe!
The derelict hotel at Turnberry will become the Best in Europe!

The Aberdeen area has benefited enormously from the trickle-down effect of many rich and clever people basically outwitting planners and their quiche-eating supporters by developing whatever they want wherever they want and providing jobs for hundreds of green-keepers, plumbers, electricians and other skilled tradesmen in the process.

Naturally the great unwashed and the moaning middle classes are busy opposing every creative change and enterprising idea Dr Trump proposes. Local authority planners are blind to the benefits of his fantastic golf courses and they will be crawling all over this latest move, checking to see if anything doesn't tally with existing consents. That is what planning has been reduced to by the RTPI and its Scottish counterparts (who publish the most boring professional journal in the World) led by former career civil servant Wee Craigie McLaren from their posh Edinburgh New Town offices. No elitism there of course - but no innovation, creativity or enterprise either! In fact they are the Enemies of Enterprise - the dead hand of bureaucracy floating in a stagnant pool of newts and toads!  They are the puppet-masters who pull the strings of Development Management, formerly known as Development Control which has traditionally been the dumping ground for planners who were unfit to hold down a proper job in local authority planning.

Anyway I digress. Many congratulations to Ayrshire and Central Scotland on being the beneficiaries of this fantastic intervention by my favourite doctor. It gets a Gold Star and a big tick in my little black book.

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Anonymous said...

As the daughter of a Ph.D., may I point out that when someone is given an honourary doctorate, it is not acceptable to give them the title Dr. This is reserved for those who have put in the time and study to earn a doctorate by doing the required academic work. An honourary doctorate is like an honourary anything - nothing of real substance.

Dave Thompson said...

Hello again Anonymous,

Thank you for your helpful comment. I will reconsider this form of address and come up with something appropriate in future posts. Perhaps Honorary Doctor Trump or Hon Dr Trump might make the distinction between academic effort and work for the economic well-being of the country.

Thanks for joining the debate!
Yours in planning

Dave T