Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Stirling Prize is for Poseurs!

the winner
You know, it's a week to the day since I sat here with the ferrets watching the Stirling Prize on the TV - it still rankles with me, partly as I could have been watching Strictly, but especially because I realised I was wasting my time tuning in to luvvies, pseuds and poseurs having a great evening together. Remember back in August last year I wrote this post about the Lighthouse in Glasgow and how I wouldn't miss it? Well I felt the same way about this programme and all the pretentious people they had dragged out to patronise and humiliate me with their London ways - give me my baseball bat please! Yet again, I felt like a country bumpkin despite my tremendous record of building and my extensive knowledge of architecture and town planning.

So this is really an award for those and those isn't it? No Keppies, no 3DReid and even RMJM were unrepresented - outrageous! Avant-guard firms like Bracewell Stirling and the Holmes Partnership didn't get a mention and neither did Glasgow Harbour, the Asda at Ardrossan or the Halfords at Inverurie. No Scottish representation at all - and this is the Stirling Prize. Something is wrong somewhere. And when it came to the moment when the winner was announced, well, I couldn't have cared less.

I shouldn't say it but I hated all these folk - the presenter from Grand Designs with his ears pushed forward by all that studio technology hiding behind them or the wee guy Tom with the big words who was all dressed up - many times. I'll tell you, I wouldn't like to meet him on a dark night on the moors - well to be fair, he wouldn't want to meet me either I'm sure. Sorry to be so grumpy.
Amanda Levete - the really winner!
But every cloud has a silver lining and I've fallen for the lovely Amanda Levete who appeared briefly on the programme. Now there is a worthy prize winner! I wonder if she has any reason to be in Scotland soon - probably not.

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