Saturday, 16 October 2010

Another nail in the coffin for planning

a new housing development like this may not need planning permission
You know, the Scottish section of Planning really is on the ball these days with a cutting edge article this week about permitted development rights. I find this very surprising considering it is written by the idiots in the RTPI - but more about them later. Run-of-the-mill people can't access this virtual treasure trove of information but I'm always delighted to bring you a little titbit to brighten up your day.

Well, as I've hinted in recent posts, the planning system is 'circling the drain' as doctors say of those about to pass on. The latest news from Wee Fat Alex Salmond's people is that permitted developments could be cut next year - apparently 97% of householder applications are approved anyway so why bother with the remaining 3%? Exactly - a big tick and a gold star there.

So maybe 4,000 applications will be taken out of the system cutting out the need for many development control planners who will find themselves quite rightly on the dole. Yes - behind every major success story there is human tragedy - but this is precisely the kick in the backside that planners need! Too often they are found in the toilets of Council offices reading the Sun or the Daily Record. It's about time they were given proper work to do - like planning the future instead of stopping people building barbeques - catalysing property development instead of cheating at sudoku - really the sky is the limit. But they can't all be brilliant visionaries - like me! So many will face a bleak future once the gravy train of processing planning applications oozes to a brown halt at the buffers of progress.

The RTPI has to have a serious look at how they have accelerated the collapse of the planning system. They need to create people who can work with the likes of Dr Donald Trump or Sir Ian Wood to enable them to move their visions forward - to grease the developers pole rather than produce fodder for dole queues. Mark my words - there will come a time very soon when planning applications themselves will be taken out of the system. And then it will be Local Development Plans for the chop. Then what? So wake up you goons in London and get working on a new generation of planner - before it is too late!


Tim R said...

Stirring call to arms, Dave. But what should our beloved RTPI be doing to avoid the profession's demise? You must have some ideas. Put aside your natural modesty and share them with us!


Dave Thompson said...

Thanks Tim R, Don't worry - I'm going to be following through on this one

Yours in planning

Dave T