Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Dr Donald and Sir Ian Show

Dr Trump and Sir Ian Wood - the saviours of the north east
You know, I struggled all day on Friday to attend the event that put the Stirling Prize into perspective for me. First of all the car wouldn't start then I got a puncture at Inverurie so I arrived after my heroes had gone. I was devastated as you can imagine. Anyway, Donald Trump was awarded a well deserved Doctorate by Robert Gordon University but guess who presented it to him? Yes - Sir Ian Wood!

When I saw the picture of them (above) together in the Press and Journal I realised the sheer spurting dynamic chemistry between them. There's a raw drive and vision in both men to get things done despite the odds - the atmosphere at the ceremony must have been truly electrifying!

Both men used the opportunity to remind locals that if their respective developments did not go ahead, Aberdeenshire would become a desert filled with beggars and old people desperately searching through litter bins for their breakfast while sheep grazed in Union Terrace Gardens. This is of course only partly true - yes the north east would become a desert but really everybody knows that these developments are going ahead anyway. There is no risk of failure.

As the Editor of the P&J says, the silent majority must stand up and the vocal minority must sit down. And as I've said before, people with knighthoods, doctorates, power and money know best - the rest should be happy to follow them. Fantastic - yes this is one in the eye for the proles and all in all, a very clever bit of action by Robert Gordon's Chancellor to ratchet up the game a little more in Aberdeenshire! More power to them!


Anonymous said...

You are a shameless arse-licking insect aren't you? Don't you realise that the bampots you idolise are two of the most poisonous, bullying and vicious cunts you will find anywhere? I hope you meet them one day and realise they couldn't give a shit about anything other than their fortunes.

George Hazeldean

Dave Thompson said...

Hello there George and thanks for contributing to the debate. It's always good to see the other side of the coin isn't it. I wish you would moderate your language a bit though in case it offends others.

I'm not sure if it's possible to be a shameless insect but we'll leave it at that shall we? With every best wish

Dave T

Stargazer 12 said...

Dear Anon

in the light of this post I am just beginning to consider the possibility that our mutual friend Dave T may in fact be a master of irony. Is that something you too may have considered?

Personally, I am now glad that Robert Gordons refused me a Dip in Personnel Management in 1969.

Anonymous said...

Dave - you've had a lot to say these past few weeks and all of it on the money. This photo of Sir Ian and Dr Trump had me fair bursting with pride. Everything those two fine men do is "world class" isn't it? I've written to them both with my plan for a super highway, lined with life sciences businesses, creative industries, prestigious supermarkets and logistics hubs, to link the fabulous new square in Union Gardens with the equally fabulous new golf course at Menie. Still waiting for a reply, but I'm not resentful at all. These are gargantuan figures, bestriding the world stage and at the top of their game. The merest acknowledgement letter would be a privilege.

Dave Thompson said...

Thank you again Anonymous - though you seem to be a different Anonymous this time. I was trembling with excitement when I read your suggestions. It sounds exactly right and surely these great men will adopt your ideas!

Yours in planning

Dave T