Saturday, 4 September 2010

It's all go for tower blocks around Aberdeen!

Aberdeen Football Clubs fantastic new stadium
You know, I almost choked on my Rice Krispies this morning as I read my personal edition of Planning. The fantastic news is that Aberdeen City Council have announced plans for more than 20,000 new homes to be built over the next few years, focusing on Aberdeen Football Club's amazing new space age stadium - somewhere in the green belt. My goodness! The good folk of the Aberdeen property development industry don't even think about limits. Fresh from the success of Union Terrace Gardens they just get on with things. If the rest of the country was like that, Scotland would be a world leader in ploughing up green belt instead of being cosy with frogs and newts. Our First Minister, wee fat Alex Salmond would be thrilled.

Just look at that stadium - the Red Ultras will have a great time there. But wait. Isn't there a huge opportunity here to build these 20,000 homes as tower blocks. A thoroughly modern city grouped around a football stadium is an enticing prospect and matches the visions of the Great Donald Trump and Sir Ian Woods at Menie and Union Terrace Gardens.
building the future of Aberdeen
This is exactly the sort of development that should have been proposed at Grandhome by the Reverend Andrew Duany instead of the Highland Housing Expo Scottish nonsense that will be happening there - big mistake. Look at this fantastic proposal below - this is the sort of futuristic housing that Aberdeen will build given a fair wind.
the perfect 21st century tower block
This one was done by a firm called FAT who I've never heard of. It's good but I think Keppies, Archial or even 3DReid could do a better job. Anyway we will just have to wait, but everything looks to be in place to make Aberdeen a genuine replacement for Leith as the real epicentre of dynamic property development led growth in Scotland. A gold star and a big tick for all those involved!


Anonymous said...

Wow will you make a post that doesn't make you look like a massive c**t?

Thanks to people like you this county has been ruined with this kind of demolition/urbanization, wake up and realise that what isn't broke doesn't need fixing.

Dave Thompson said...

Hello Anonymous and thank you for your contribution to the debate. I know I'm a clot sometimes - certainly the boy thinks so - but I'm sure that I'm right here.

With every best wish

Dave T