Monday, 20 September 2010

Robert Gordon's know how to crawl!

soon to be Dr Donald Trump - fantastic!
You know, I find it hard to say the words 'Robert Gordon University' - I will always associate Robert Gordon's of Aberdeen with the Plumbers College they really are. I also appreciate that they are a private school responsible for producing a nasty strain of public schoolboy that is well out of place in the fishwife dominated environment of Greater Torry.

Of course the guys who run Robert Gordon's are not stupid - even though most of the students are - and I was thrilled to read the other day that they will award my all time hero Donald Trump with an honorary Doctor of Business Administration on the 8th of October. That's no doubt a date for most of your diaries. Dr Trump will deliver an acceptance address in front of an audience of invited guests and students and I for one will be hanging on every word. The 'University' has chosen to confer this degree on Donald in recognition of his business acumen, entrepreneurial vision and the long-term future his company is planning in the North-East of Scotland. Isn't that fantastic?

So you see, flattening the sand dunes, crushing the newts and toads and ignoring the planners actually works. All praise to Dr Donald for establishing a new business ethic in the north east of Scotland, revolutionising planning and ploughing the scrapyards and small holdings into the eighteenth hole. This is the way it should be!


Tim R said...

8th October is in my diary - thanks for the headsup - catch you there.



Dave Thompson said...

thank you Tim - look forward to catching up then. With every best wish

Dave T