Thursday, 15 November 2007

Christmas is coming!

our headquarters
The first falls of snow here remind us all that Christmas is coming soon and that the season of goodwill is at hand. This is not at all obvious to the local populace who are clearly victimising me by writing things about me and my company on one of the old buildings opposite our offices. I will rise above it of course.

You know, people have criticised me for not talking enough about the great work that we do here in Auchterness and our plans for the future. They say I am too negative about planning and too critical of the strutting pompous peacocks that run the show from their luxury offices in London. I give you my word that I will try to include more genuine planning information in these letters to you.

However I must say I was furious to read the begging letter received from our leaders recently seeking re-election to the boys club. The same old names - the same old faces. Not one of them could tell one volume housebuilder from another - believe me. One of those seeking re-election wrote a quite laughable statement about a building block that had lost its cutting edge. Since when does a building block have a cutting edge? As well as that, the building block was to be the 'keeper of the flame'. Wee Heather could write better than that - what a terrible example to set for those poor hopeless souls who are thinking about becoming planners. Just when the rest of us are thinking of becoming estate agents, property developers or something equally useful.

By the way, talking of wee Heather, here's a picture of the nice wee cake that I left on her desk yesterday. Nice isn't it?

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