Saturday, 3 November 2007

£300 Membership Renewal Scandal

Somebody sent me this by email the other day - great isn't it? I've just received my membership renewal for the year and I'm absolutely furious. I could go out and get drunk right now I'm so fed up with this. As you know, the President was here the other day in his expensive Marks and Spencers suit and drip-dry shirt - the kind you have to wear when you stay in hotel rooms all the time, watching porno films when you're away from the wife. And that Land Rover wasn't cheap though I suspect they bought it second hand from one of the former colonies - that would be typical of the Institute. But we poor members end up paying for their excesses.

Somebody was saying to me the other day that the standard of planning in this country was getting worse and worse. New recruits straight from planning schools who can't write in English or spell. Housebuilding run riot, crime on the increase, shopping centres decaying not to mention foot and mouth disease and bluetooth. Planners getting backhanders and payoffs to ease development through and widespread flooding of new homes. Ten women pregnant after the Summer School. And they want to charge me £300 for a year of their boring magazine and being patronised by that idiot of a President in his ridiculous chain of office.

I think I'll become an architect. People hate architects even more than planners but at least I would know that I was right all the time instead of being unsure - they get a decent magazine too. Okay I feel better now - everywhere I look there is a better future for me than being a planner. Even becoming a trainee manager at Halfords would be better.

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