Sunday, 18 August 2013

The public sector dog

The vicious dog that is Aberdeenshire Council
You know, sometimes you have to be careful with dogs.  Just when you think you have trained them properly they turn round and bite you.  Wee Dr Stewartie Milne found this out to the tune of £1,000,000 + last week when Aberdeenshire Council won a court case against the eminent Doctor's firm over a land dispute.

An appalling decision!  You can read about it here but I wouldn't bother. It's a minor matter for Dr Stewartie as he has riches beyond measure thanks to his intelligence and developer genes which he has in abundance.  Still it's a very poor show when the great unwashed in Woodhill House can put one over on the pocket genius. It's actually worse than it seems because reading between the lines, the Court of Session and the Supreme Court should have been in Dr Stewartie's pocket - but they were not.  These days you would expect the rich and wise developer to receive favourable treatment over the out-dated progress-defying Council barons with their fat and lazy staff who scoff Pot Noodles in the Council kitchens all day or go on 'site visits' to do their shopping during working hours.  Worrying.

But it gets worse.  Aberdeenshire Council have also been winning small battles against Dr Donald out at Menie where has has been instructed to deal with a number of 'issues' such as the piles of earth that he planned to use to bury local protesters in their scruffy black houses and railway carriage homes.
A typical Menie protester's home

 This is absolutely disgraceful!  I can't believe that Dr Donald hasn't another plan which will soon be revealed to all and I hope that this worrying trend within the dynamo of the Scottish economy does not become common place.  Dogs have their place of course - I used to have a Wee Scottie myself - but they should be kept in a shed and kicked hard once a week, just like Aberdeenshire Council.

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