Monday, 12 August 2013

My new suit

My wonderful new suit
You know, folk in their fifties (like me) have to keep themselves looking good if they are to have an impact on the exciting world of planning and property development.  Ageism is something they talk about a lot in women's magazines and it pains me to say that I've seen a lot of these recently in the dentist's waiting room. The dentist says that I must be grinding my teeth in my sleep but I replied that this happens all the time and it's deliberate - it's a good way of breaking up meetings before people fall asleep. But I'm straying from the point - if you sound good but don't look good you have a problem. If you look old and act old you are invisible and that isn't me!

I had a big presentation to make the other week about the fantastic work we are doing at Auchterness as well as my broader insights on property development in Scotland as seen from the perspective of the expert town planner.  You will all be familiar with my views on the important role played by rich and clever individuals who are bringing about a New Scottish Enlightenment and this was the main theme of my talk.

Anyway, I decided that instead of my usual suave Marks and Spencer's grey suit, blue shirt and silk tie (my Scottish Enterprise look) I would make a complete break with tradition.  I had always fancied a corduroy suit - I had one as a child in fact but it had short trousers - so I did some research.  I'm not going to tell you where I got it in case you all start following my trend but let's just say it was from a shop that is popular with the landed gentry.  Yes those wonderful, generous and intelligent people who own most of Scotland in case you are wondering.

My talk was a sensation!  The audience were so stunned by my eloquent and impassioned delivery that they didn't even ask any questions!  One thing though - in my excitement before the meeting I forgot to put on a tie!  Unforgivable!  I feel that I've let the side down a bit but all in all, the new suit was a big success!  Dave T looking good!

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