Saturday, 10 January 2009

The value of student placements

You know, it's easy to regard students as drunken, sex-sodden layabouts who spend their time doing nothing of any value to anyone. Sponging off the state I always thought. But yesterday we received a visit from a group of rather handsome East European female students who were looking for placements. They are studying a range of subjects including entertainment, dance and nursing, and were looking for jobs in the evening economy of Auchterness.

I must say I was shocked at some of the attitudes of some of the male members of staff who should have known better. The very idea of opening a lap-dancing club in Auchterness is completely unacceptable and I'm looking at the options for disciplining members of the Institute. Town Planners should reject the idea of immoral pursuits as a means of providing interest and variety in our towns - for some members of staff to actively encourage this is outrageous. I don't know what sort of training these people are getting nowadays.

Anyway although they didn't stay long, I struck up a friendship with Natasha who is a spunky girl (second from the left) and I'm hoping that she can join us for a few months. It will certainly brighten up the office and it will be good to fill a fertile young mind with some cutting edge town planning ideas.

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