Wednesday, 11 June 2008

One of my heroes

the Great Donald Trump
You know I'm completely in awe of the great Donald Trump. He must be one of the greatest architects and most stylish men around in our exciting world of property led town planning.

Personally I was completely embarrassed by the antics of Aberdeenshire Council in trying to refuse permission for his great world class golf development at Menie because of a few newts and toads hiding in the corner of a field. Thankfully our leader Alexander Salmond the Great stepped in to save the day though poor Donald still has to put up with the formality of a Public Inquiry which will hopefully see the opposition hung out to dry on the 18th hole.

If you're 59 years old and able to hang on to a lovely wife like Melania Knauss you must be really special. I lost my wife to a younger man only a few sad years ago so it's particularly poignant for me to see this great example of humanity, style and self confidence with such a beautiful and wholesome young wife of only 35 flagrant years. I can't help myself sometimes so I've included this lovely photograph of Donald, Melania and little baby Barron William Trump. Aren't they so great?
the fabulous Trump Family
So good luck Donald with your development near Aberdeen. I wish I could come and play there but the best I can manage is the old overgrown pitch and putt course up the road. We are going to sell that off for a prestige development - our new civic amenity site. Maybe I should invite Donald over to talk about a new golf course - now there's an original idea!


Anja Loscher said...

Good to see you back on the web again after such a long time. I always enjoy reading your interesting articles about the "world of planning". Unfortunately I never had the chance to study so I'm glad to get some inside views of how things work in the real planning process.
I think Donald Trump really loves Scotland and it's people. That's why he wants to invest so much money in a unique golf course. It would be absolutely great of him to turn a boring piece of landscape into a symbol people can be proud of. I really hope that he will get planning permission.

Dave Thompson said...

Well said Anja and thanks for your kind comments. It's been a difficult few months for me and I hope to write about it soon - at least it will explain my absence from the World Wide Web!
Hope everything is all right with you and the family living down there in Port Glasgow.
Bye bye


Anne said...

This is such a wonderfully inspiring site that I tremble with horror at the thought of how diminished my life would have been had I not come across it, quite by accident, whilst doing research for my PhD thesis on "Tesco's probable plans for the total renovation and upgrading of the whole of Scotland and subsequent entirely positive environmental and sociological spin-offs" (I may have to downgrade it to an MSc I fear)

So moved am I that I have decided to share with you my ultimate public amenity affirming slogan, noticed emblazoned on the roundabout in a children's park in
Ayr in 1985 and never forgotten :

"Uncle Segovia S**gs Sheep".

Keep up the good work !