Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A Declaration of War

John Glenday - please stick to gossip and tittle-tattle
John Glenday - please stick to gossip and tittle-tattle
You know, much as I like Urban Realm and enjoy the tittle-tattle and pettiness of the comment section under each news item, I'm personally affronted that John Glenday should choose Aberdeen, Scotland's most dynamic city and epicentre of sustainable growth, as a potential recipient of the upcoming Carbuncle Awards. Moreover, to rub salt into my wounds, he states that it is 'an early front-runner ... as the silver city fades to grey amidst a steady drip and questionable planning decisions.' (sic)

Glenday states that the oil capital has been accused of turning its back on its main artery, Union Street, by 'sanctioning the remorseless expansion of undercover malls'. How could he have got it so wrong? My lovely wee blog is full of articles describing proposed improvements, big ideas and a host of terrific new buildings for the Silver City. He has chosen to ignore these as part of a cheap publicity stunt!

Glenday goes on to say, “Aberdeen has a rich granite heritage and in the Victorian era the city was built to last, sadly the same can’t be said of the flimsy, ill-considered buildings going up across the city today". Well John, how stupid are you? Buildings aren't made to last these days - it's a fact of life that they are now temporary, maybe lasting 30 years at the most, so your Victorian era fantasy is just silly romantic nonsense!
 Matthew Hay emergency care centre by Mackie Ramsay Taylor
A great building - the Matthew Hay Emergency Care Centre
by Mackie Ramsay Taylor

He continues, “Serious questions need to be asked of planners who appear to be simply rubber-stamping the schemes that are put in front of them. There appears to be an attitude of ‘anything goes’ as long as it brings in immediate cash." Yes John - that is the whole idea!. The reality is that these planners are heroes! They are in the vanguard of new approaches to development which include the latest trends such as mono-use and non-planning which I have recently explained. I have to say to Mr Glenday, "Shut up foolish person!" What you are complaining about is totally deliberate and highly successful. Can you not see that Aberdeen is the powerhouse of the Scottish economy simply because it lets these great things happen and doesn't bother with the usual plaice-making rubbish or the routine time-wasting associated with getting planning permission?

I'm very angry and disappointed at Urban Realm and by its Editor in Chief. I know that the Carbuncle Awards are a useful source of publicity for the magazine and choosing Scotland's most successful city will give it even more media coverage. But this is a cheap and unwarranted attack - it is a declaration of war on the New Scottish Enlightenment and of course on Auchterness. So some words of advice - why don't you focus on things you are good at, like gossip and tittle-tattle, instead of trying to stir up criticism of things you don't understand - like town planning? You know absolutely nothing about Aberdeen or about planning - NOTHING!

I hope to receive a full apology in early course from Urban Realm and John Glenday, otherwise I will consider my position and may launch a significant counterattack. 

Cheeriebye for now from Auchterness - enjoy the rest of the week.

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Lance Black said...

Thanks, Dave, for explaining to this jumped-up pleb how the modern world really works! Gone are the days when we could afford to treat buildings like treasures. An edifice is an orifice by another name and as such it is purely functional. It exists to enable the transit of business. It is purely functional and its only function is finance: to make money for all concerned. Who cares if Union Street looks like boil on the backside of a bloated barbarian? After all we can just switch off the lights at 6pm, jump in the SUV and tank it out to our mansions on Aberdeen's lovely ex-green-belt. That's another total waste of space! Green belt my foot! Thankfully most of it is being destroyed by the wonderful CALA and DANDARA; these guys know what nature is good for - nothing! What remains has been given a happy burial by the bulldozers of AWPR. No more weeds and annoying trees around here. "Aberdeen: where concrete, tarmac and money rule!"