Sunday, 16 February 2014

Trump will return

The brilliant Dr Donald Trump
The brilliant Dr Donald Trump
You know, I can't be bothered with these bleeting nanny-goats and busy-bodies who clutter up my inbox with complaints about things that are not their concern at all. I'm referring to planning applications that are granted against the wishes of bearded women and men wearing khaki shorts. They sit around in cafes all day, spinning a latte out for three hours, pretending to be working when in fact all they are doing is writing letters of complaint to me or their local council.

This week saw a predictable outbreak of activity regarding the decision by the Scottish Government - sorry I mean the Court of Session - to turn down Dr Donald Trump's challenge to stop an offshore windfarm being developed near God's Own Golf Course near Menie in Aberdeenshire.

As you know, I'm very fond of wind farms and I'm a great fan of Dr Donald so my loyalties are divided. I actually think that the Aberdeen Bay windfarm would be a wonderful complement to the new golf course. Just like having a skyscraper in the middle of Rubislaw or towering above the stuffy environment of Edinburgh New Town. Mind you, it takes an expert planner to think up these things as well as actually proposing them - which most ordinary planners would never do!

So I think Dr Donald has been worrying needlessly - I have written to advise him of this but he has been too busy to reply. However the threat to leave the country and head for the coast of Ireland has received much publicity. You know what? I don't care! He has done his job - Aberdeenshire has embarked on many new exciting projects as a result of his investment and the trickle down effect is startling evidence of his success. The man is a catalyst as we expert planners would say. Mind you I doubt that he will be gone for good - the man professed his love for Scotland some years ago so I expect that he will be back - have no fear.
West Dunbartonshire Council's amazing wheelchair ramp
West Dunbartonshire Council's amazing work

Just to finish, this wonderful wee story caught my eye earlier in the week. It's the work of one of Scotland's finest local authorities - the same folk who allegedly came up with the idea of selling off holes of their golf course to earn a bit of cash. Perhaps they will have the only seven-hole golf course in Scotland. You have to laugh.  Cheerie-bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Such a moving tribute to the wonderful Dr Trump. I can barely hold back my tears.

After laying waste to (sorry, I mean of course vastly improving! ) Ireland, maybe he should open a golf course in the Point district of the Isle of Lewis where his late mother comes from? I feel sure the local Free Church would be most pleased to see the balls whistling by to cheer up the gloom of the local sabbath?

Dave Thompson said...

Thank you Anonymous - I'm sure many people throughout Scotland were in tears last week at this news. I hope my words can bring some comfort to each and every one of them.

Yours in planning

Dave T