Sunday, 19 January 2014

Culloden Housing Approved!

Beautiful historic farm buildings near Culloden
The beautiful farm buildings near Culloden
- surely they should be conserved?
You know, I burst out laughing when I heard the news that the proposal by Inverness Properties to build '16 homes' near the Culloden Battlefield had been approved by the Scottish Government's Reporter, overturning the decision of Highland Council to refuse the application. What did anyone expect? This is 2014 and the sorts of ridiculous matters raised by objectors are irrelevant voices from the past. In any case, it will be more like '160 homes' when this is finished!

Let's have a look at this from the expert planner's viewpoint.  In the first place, it's almost impossible to see the proposed development from the battlefield. Even if you could, it wouldn't matter - people like these nice new houses! They will look a lot better than the Battlefield Centre designed by Servant Architect Gareth Hoskins, the man who prostrated himself before Donald Trump at Menie and bent right over his drawing board to satisfy the Great Man. Perhaps it is the Battlefield Centre that shouldn't have been built - think about that! But look too at these lovely farm buildings that will be demolished - has no one suggested that they be preserved?

Highland Council of course are annoyed by this slap in the face. I'm laughing again but isn't it the same Council who have given permission for a sea of similar suburban residential development around our great Highland City? Honestly, there is so much hypocrisy around. It seems they have forgotten that they have presided over much worse! I'm not complaining though - some of the developments around the city are wonderful, especially the work of  Tulloch Homes who are by far and away one of the best volume housebuilders in the country. Just look at this fabulous image below.
A fabulous Tulloch Homes creation - spellbinding
This is the sort of fantastic development that people want these days. You know, folk talk about the Scottish Government being heavily pro-business as if there was something wrong in that. Usually it's the same old collection of supposedly left-leaning middle class sandal-wearing do-gooders in khaki shorts with too much time on their hands who complain. They should be forced to do Community Service - that would sort them out. I'm really sick of it.

Even here at Auchterness there are people who should be forced to pick up litter twice a week - we are all sick of their petitions, their barrage of emails and their long-winded letters complaining about things that don't matter.

Anyway I'm ranting and rambling now so I will leave it for today. My hearty congratulations go out to the Scottish Government for their excellent decision and to Inverness Properties on their spectacular victory. And to all the folk who are disappointed, annoyed or embittered by this, my message is simple. Get a Life! We live in a New Scottish Enlightenment and we are all very lucky to experience this. Everything is moving in our favour - don't try to stop progress by being an environmental nuisance.  Thank you.


Sherry Byrd said...

I don't wear khaki s but I think I have a lot of company..Over 6000 worldwide in fact who are against your lovely wee housing development at Culloden. We are not alone nor without support. Your rambling shows you up to be just the sort of person who would tear down a castle to put up a prefab. We will continue to annoy and pester and obstruct until we get this permission overturned. I'm sure there are better places to stick their houses and I can think of one place I would love to see them. The public likes things just as they are and love the visitors center as well.

Unknown said...

And when your 16/160 turn into 1600 then 16000 with the estate agents using the Battlefield Themepark on there doorstep! People like you wont be happy until the whole country is tarmacked over and houses built on then.The opposition against the development is growing daily, with notable people coming out and saying they are against the plans yet you Mr Thompson only see the world through Dumpy lenses.


I think the most sensible thing I read was your short profile statements Mr Thompson. The most telling part being the final sentence.
I am a qualified town planner and Secretary of the Auchterness Regeneration Single Enterprise. I am 53 years old with a young child at secondary school. My wife left me some years ago.

Why not visit a Facebook group I set up about a month ago and see what the people with a feel for the history of Scotland are saying about this development. You really are a speaking with no thought for the long term. You see the battlefield as just one big potential building site. Not in my lifetime.
Facebook group.
Group To Stop the Development At Culloden.

William Ballantyne said...

Town planner?
For a man of 53 you don't have print some nonsense.
Your pathetic attempt at humour and sarcasm is nauseating considering the historic value of the Culloden Battlefield.
Have you no sense? Does preserving our country's history mean nothing to you? Have you no respect for the Fallen?
Do you really believe that housing on Culloden will enhance the area?
I think the very fact you are compelled to inform the world that "My wife left me some years ago" says a lot about you.
I see you as a bitter, lonely, wee man, wallowing in your own self pity and inadaquecies.
I've no idea why your marriage broke up, but I can hazard a guess.
You're an uncaring, selfish individual who can't comprehend that history is something to be held sacred and not destroyed for profit by developers/planners who see this as progress.
I view it as vandalism.

Who knows, maybe someday a group of town planners will approve the construction of sewage plant right over where you lie mouldering in your grave.

Kay Rodgers said...

Consider this Mr. Thompson, if you will. I am Australian, my husband was born in Glasgow. We were fortunate enough to visit your beautiful country in June last year. We drove up to Inverness specifically to see the Culloden battlefield which we enjoyed immensely and after an hour or so in the visitor centre we proceeded to have lunch and checkout the souvenir shop where I spent several hundred pounds! My point is how much tourist money is spent by thousands of people each year at Culloden? When I started to add up the souvenirs, accommodation, fuel, food, hire car and post costs to send souvenirs back home, it is quite a large sum indeed. I for one would not bother going back to Culloden again if these ugly boxes are to be built there. I am sure I would not be the only tourist who feels this way. So please if nothing else, consider the revenue gained or lost.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Was it not the revolting American religious idiot Pat Robertson who said "Scotland is a dark country run by homosexuals - you have no idea how strong they are in Scotland" - are you in some way related? I hope someday you get a big one up the ass till it hurts real bad.

This was aimed at you in 2010.. still perfectly valid in 2014

Dave Thompson said...

Dear Sherry, Unknown, George, William, Kay and Anonymous - thank you so much for dropping by and commenting on my blog. I was beginning to think that commenting had completely gone out of fashion but you have proved me wrong.

I'm sorry if you are annoyed by my post - I really don't mean to upset anyone and while I don't agree with you, I'm glad that this blog has given you the opportunity to get your views out to a wider audience. I will certainly read your Facebook page and thanks for drawing it to my attention.

Best wishes to you all

Dave T