Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The White Worm of Union Terrace, Aberdeen

the Big White Worm interior - full of lay-abouts and sheep-shaggers
You know, I found myself standing fully to attention the other day when I saw the first pictures and read the amazing news about the Big White Worm proposed for Union Terrace Gardens in Aberdeen. Now it isn't clear if this scheme has been selected by the imperious Sir Ian Wood - the business and cultural primate of the entire city - or if this is the design option that has had the public literally screaming for more at the exhibition of proposals. Or both!
a Christmas scene for Aberdeen's ignorati
But wait! Wasn't the whole idea to fill in the derelict gardens, sweeping away opportunities for sordid bestiality and gay pick-up points in bushes before you could say 'multi-storey car park'? I certainly thought so but this design doesn't seem to do that. I'm not impressed by the Christmas Card graphics either - a sugary image aimed at the ignorati of the city. It's true that you have to discipline yourself (as I do every evening) to look beyond the graphics and although the Big White Worm may have got saliva running in Aberdeen, it is a false dawn - believe me. What is required here is a sunken shopping centre beneath a large paved park - a bit like Red Square built over the gorgeous Braehead shopping centre. That's what Sir Ian has in mind I'm sure.
the obvious answer
But we will have to wait for a few days yet while the great minds figure out how best to ignore an entirely ignorant public and proceed with the scheme they wanted all along. Personally I thought that the original Halliday Fraser Munro scheme was a work of true genius but better minds than mine decided that a competition was necessary - so be it! I was delighted to read that Wee Fat Alex Salmond has promised £70 million to keep this brilliant initiative on target - and in so doing, has dashed the chances of a bunch of no hope projects in Central Scotland where there is simply no drive, vision or economy for that matter - apart from the fabulous work by those clever folk at Glasgow Harbour, Strathclyde Passenger Transport and Forth Ports who will always tick my boxes.
the dismal white worm again
As I've said many times before, we should all entrust ourselves to people who have money, power and vision. In so doing, we will bring success and riches on ourselves and make Aberdeen not only the powerhouse of Scotland but the economic power station of Europe - if not the world. Let's get on with this great project!


Anonymous said...

If you look closer at the Stretch Armstrong Geo Dome, the plastic people seem rather ‘tall.’ Does this mean the people of Aberdeen will be stretched when Close encounters of the third kind appear in the Deen?
I hope so; because I am only 5ft 10, and it’s has been a troubling existence.
For years I’ve kept wishing I could bash my scull against the tops of normal doorways.
Fingers crossed sketch 2 becomes REEEAAAALLLITY

Steve Bothwell

Dave Thompson said...

Dear Steve, I'm sure everyone will feel uplifted by this development and walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye. Thanks for your contribution.

Yours in planning

Dave T