Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Menie Clubhouse - a work of genius

the totally magnificent Gareth Hoskins design for Dr Donald Trump's Clubhouse at Menie
You know, it was only the other day that I was recounting the wonderful stream of good news from Aberdeen where just north of the city, God's Own Golf Course is taking shape at Menie. Today, I have to report the fantastically breathtaking news that the designs for the new Clubhouse have been announced on Urban Realm, the premier portal for news and gossip about planning, architecture and the dynamic Scottish property industry.

Well! I'm sure you're all completely taken aback by the magnificence of the design by Gareth Hopkins, Trump's supine architect. The inspiration for this was obviously one of these old secondary schools from Ellon or some other Aberdeenshire slum but it has been updated with modern detailing which will give it 'visual and tactile clues'. A clever move on young Gareth's part and clearly a strategic move towards winning work from the Prince's Foundation at some of their Theme Park developments around the country.

Of course the design has been criticised by the usual bunch of elitist know-all architects who are all blind to the critical excellence of the design. You can read the comments on Urban Realm here - absurd I know - but the interesting fact is that Gareth Hopkins has for some strange but generous reason stated that this is the work of Acanthus Architects, a firm that I have never heard of. I assume that this is a made-up name and that they are a figment of the imagination.

All in all, this is great news for Aberdeenshire, for Dr Donald Trump and for Gareth Hopkins whose future as a Theme Park designer is assured. I have put another gold star in my notebook against this project and will sleep happily tonight in the knowledge that there are more good things to come from this neck of the woods. 10/10!

PS A day later, and the Scotsman newspaper's article here is just great too - this guy Neil Baxter knows what he's talking about


info said...

He/they the office of Hoskins should be struck off immediately for mis-representing an architect.

info said...

Sorry but that should after reading been directed at Acanthus, but Hoskins has a lot to answer for by working for mamon eh.
The detailing will do nothing to make this nothing more than a pile of stone which should be delivered right back to the inevitable Chinese quarry.

Dave Thompson said...

Hello there info and thanks for dropping by! I very much appreciate your contribution to the debate - we all have our views!

Yours in planning

Dave T