Friday, 12 February 2010

The RTPI has a new President!

Ann Skippers - new RTPI President
I wonder how many of you town planners out there realise the crisis we have on our hands with the goons in London otherwise known as the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI). Now as you all know, the RTPI is not my favourite organisation to say the least - flashy offices in London, a ridiculous logo, outrageous fees and company cars for many of the staff.

Now usually the President is a womaniser, religious maniac or sociopath - or all of these. But now they've appointed a woman as President - I carried out an image search for her on Google and the wee photie above is what I found. I don't know President Ann Skippers personally of course but I wish her well and hope that she lives long enough to see out the Presidency. Poor old soul - surely she could find something better to do at her age.


Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

Like your style.
You seem to have the same problems we have here in Liverpool. Only our battles are all but lost.
Keep up the good work

Dave Thompson said...

Thank you Liverpool Preservation Trust and every best wish to you - Dave T