Sunday, 15 November 2009

The nasty side of Sccotland

The recommendation of one anonymous reader
You know, this blogging business isn't easy for someone with a sensitive disposition - like myself. Over the past two months, since I've been bringing people the good news about important developments around Scotland, I've been subjected to a stream of abuse and flames, some in comments but most of it in emails accusing me of all sorts of things. This culminated in a ticking off from Graham Stewart of BBC Radio Scotland about my reaction to his programme on the Great Donald Trump. Also, I was advised that I had a place reserved for me up against the wall come the revolution as a result of my article about Union Terrace Gardens.

I've been very busy for the past week which has kept my mind off this as well as the heartbreaking goings on with my lovely wife and her young lover. To be honest, I've thought of giving it all up but I always come back to the unmistakable truth. Scotland is on the brink of a New Enlightenment fuelled by enterprise, innovation and property development driven by Donald Trump, Sir Ian Wood, Clydeport, Forth Ports, Peel Holdings, Asda and Halfords- truly Scotland is open for business. Many people don't seem to realise the importance of this and live in a dwam - others such as the wasters, gypsies, unemployed and farmers living in their railway carriages, black houses and butt-and-bens throughout the land just want to ruin everything through delay and opposition. Still, a lot of them managed to climb out of their begging bowls to phone the BBC recently - though I believe this was not orchestrated by Graham Stewart, who is not a communist.

Anyway I have an important article to write on Donald Trump, Aberdeenshire Council and the RTPI - as well as preparing the online voting for the Auchterness Oskars later this month - so I will get on with that. Thanks to everyone for their support and interest.


Nemesis said...

Oh dear oh dear Dave, I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. But you know, a prophet in his own lifetime etc, and the un-enlightened will surely see the error of their ways once these fabulous developments are under way? Continue to be brave, some of us appreciate the wisdom and insight you bring to what you so fearlessly write.

But you know, I think sabs have been at work. I suspect those at and their dastardly spotty faced juvenile unwashed followers, of whom Donald Junior was rightly scathing on that great day recently when he took off those Gucci loafers, donned his wellies, and metaphorically rolled up his sleeves. He then drove that massive 'green' machine to break the first sod for the pampas grass planting you wrote of so eloquently, to stabilise those shifting sands which will surely not be suitable for a world-class golf development. Who wants to play golf in such a wilderness? It’s clear what is needed is a massive golf resort, to bring civilization to Menie!

It might just be me, but the pictures at the bottom of your post aren't showing, and when I was reading your blog – the electricity went off, and severed all my internet connections! Worse, it locked me out of various websites and I hade to remember passwords and log back in! Hell indeed! Clearly someone doesn’t like me Re-Twittering your @auchterness posts @nemesisrepublic!

However, following the news in today’s Herald that a former member of the RTPI has reported the head planner at Aberdeenshire for possible wrongdoing and being in cahoots with Mr Trump, and allegedly bringing the profession into disrepute (surely not something which happens often - look at all the wonders of town planning you have shown us here!) I look forward to hearing the truth and the inside story about it all from a REAL planner, with his finger still on the pulse.

Here's that story:

@robedwards53 is his Twitter address, so that Mr Trump knows!

Dave Thompson said...

Thank you Nemesis for your lengthy commentary and for so religiously retweeting my posts - much appreciated.
The reference to pictures at the end of posts seem to be the result of using something called Greased Lightbox which the boy installed on my computer. I'll try to get someone to uninstall it as it's just a nuisance - there are no other pictures. Sorry about this - Dave T

Anonymous said...

Keep on blogging in the free world Dave

Mary Fisher said...

Dear Dave,

I'm really sorry to hear about these bad people criticizing you and your opinion!
Don't listen to them and don't get discouraged to continue your genuine and intelligent blog! It's always very interesting for me as I'm not a planner by profession.

All the best to you.


Dave Thompson said...

Thank you Mary - and every best wish from me. I will certainly keep going for now - Dave T