Monday, 27 July 2009

My new friends

You know, I was so fed up with all the bad news around in May that I decided to book a holiday! A three week holiday hiking in Austria - so sorry if you've been missing me. To tell the truth, I don't think anyone does miss me, especially around the Scottish planning profession where my talents are hidden under a bushel as they used to say - or as some still say.

So I decided to commune with nature and fulfil a lifetime ambition. To go on holiday with some real men with no problems and fuss caused by women. You know I like a wee cuddle as much as the next man but sometimes it's good to just get away with your own sex. I saw an advert in one of the big papers for someone to join a group of young guys for a hiking trip in the Austrian mountains. Boy did we have a great time - seems funny now but we were drunk every evening and would wrestle naked in the snow till midnight. Then we would get up in the morning and walk for miles talking about our lives. There were six of us altogether - from left to right - Barry who is an architect, Poodle the hairdresser, Jonni who is a dancer, Ronnie the fashion designer and on the right, Charles who has had some trouble in his life and has recently spent time in prison. Honestly, you will never find a nicer group of guys.

I just wish they were planners instead of the terrible group of backstabbing bureaucrats we are familiar with in Scotland. It was good to get away from all the negativity, the crawling to toffs and unjust criticism of our great development industry that has produced such fabulous projects as Glasgow Harbour, the Tesco at Port Glasgow and my latest favourite...the Bellshill Hilton! Full marks to the dynamic team that produced that cracker.


Anja Loscher said...
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Anja Loscher said...

Dear Dave, I'm really glad that you enjoyed your holiday with all these nice men. But where are you - no photo???
What about your plans of leaving the Council? My neighbour just tried to get a job with the local Council here but it was taken by the nephew of the current boss's brother in law.....
All the best to you

Dave Thompson said...

Well hello Anja - so nice to hear from you again. I couldn't figure out how to set the timer on the camera and no one came near us on the holiday so I couldn't ask some nice person to photograph us.
I'm stuck here in Auchterness for now. I've heard stories about the public sector being rife with relatives but no first hand contact with people like that. Thank goodness - I hate my relatives!!!